WTF is zsh

The glorious hackerspaces from Darmstadt, Fulda, Gießen, Kassel, Marburg and Wetzlar join forces to rock any chaos event.

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It all started with fabos and the idea to work together with several hackerspaces in order to build a own village on the cccamp19 site.
From the desire to get maybe 20 people together, it escalated quite quickly and the zsh finally had 100 inhabitants.

Chaos Communication Camp 19

ZSH formed a major village and supported dozen of activties: ham radio, esp, whisky, petromax, beer, hesse, hackerspace, satellites, amateur radio, antenna, chaostreff, chill, coffee, diy, world domination, electronics, esp8266, feldtelefon, gadgets, geraffel, hardware, hardware hacking, iot, leds, löten, makerspace, mate, microcontrollers, mqtt, raspberrypi, singing, singerunde, live music sessions, music.
image cc-by afhack.jpg by [major] Sven Reissmann

Supported by our members and their possibilities

Every one of us brought all their stuff. Some of our members have borrowed black tents from their scout tribes, giving us a lounge and a hack centre for everyon. Big Thanks to your VCP connections

image cc-by zsh_hackcenter.jpg by [sythys]

ZSH Members

These hacker spaces are the basis of the greatness of the zsh.

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